Part the First

This is going to be a bit of a brain dump, there will be a lot of that until I hit some kind of stride. This is literally the most I have written in MONTHS. My RV is parked in the driveway, I have an impossibly short window of time  to do an immense number of things. It’s beautiful to be beyond that Dark Place.

I’ve been on an interesting sleep schedule, I’m allowing myself to stay awake as long as I want because I have so much to do; Lately I’ve been working all night till about 9-10 AM then sleeping until 3-4PM , repeat. It’s working surprisingly well, it’s amazingly freeing to be able to do this.

The first surprise about freelancing is how much you can do when you are stripped of the excuse that you don’t have the time. There is a certain amount of psychic agoraphobia tied to this vast open space of time  that I myself must regulate and make use of.

Honestly it feels like an opiate, a constant state of last minute-ness. Working in the middle of the night certainly helps to give it that last minute feeling.  This is a topic I’ll come back to, the concept of procrastination as an extreme sport.

Sometimes I think I could stay up indefinitely if it weren’t for eyestrain. I’ve also found it immensely helpful to have a wonderful puppy to sleep next to me, I think he’s sleeping for me and feeding me extra energy. He’s amazing at sleeping, he’s like a sleep technician, a slumber artisan, a cuddling virtuoso.


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