Write or Die Desktop Edition Feature Requests [UPDATED]

I did an informal Twitter poll of what people would like to see in Write or Die Desktop Edition, here are the results, feel free to add your requests in the comments.

Things I’m Planning to Implement
A Mac version. (@callista, @kyrina)
Choose your own sound (@AlabasterFalcon, @belcasas)
Linux version (@Kyrina)
Save to disk (@unfocusedme)
Post to blog
Full-screen mode (@rjbman)
Tweet results

Cumulative words typed, “high scores” ( @joaovc)
Different warning animations/images (scary clowns perhaps)
Set your own time period. (Allie, Seliza)
Spaces don’t count, perhaps? I sometimes cheat by pressing the space bar (Allie) [Note: So do I]

Things I hadn’t thought of but are good ideas
Kamikaze mode eats more words, faster (@Caanz)
Boss/Panic Button (@saoki)
Append to existing file (@jedidiplomat)
Simulated blood pouring down the screen when you fail? (@Hoshiko_Malfoy)
Different warning colors (@lostcheerio, @tinahunter)
Change font size (@wielding)
Allow/disallow unlimited pauses (@lienne)

Daily Goal in addition to per session goal (Allie and Jo)
Graphic to visualize your progress (Allie)
Ability to change background color to something more soothing (AdventureAddict)

Things that are unlikely to happen (but thanks anyway)
Spellcheck (@rjbman)
I want to make a separate super-spellcheck program for writers but IMO this would be counterintuitive for Write or Die.

Kittens (@saoki)
You must supply your own kittens.

iPhone version (@unfocusedme)
If you can convince me that this would be useful and/or find me a good iPhone developer I will reconsider.

Save to .doc file
Word formatting is annoying and exists mainly for higher level editing, I’m planning on sticking with txt files for simplicity

This is just the beginning of the list, if there’s something missing that you’d like to see in the desktop version, feel free to tweet me or comment below.
Thanks a lot!

P.S. Does $10 sound like a good price to you?

A Wicked Christmas Greeting, Write or Die Offline Development

First and foremost I’d like to thank you all for your kind responses and feedback regarding Write or Die. I’ve been overwhelmed by how it has spread and how many people it has reached. So thank you very very much.
I’d also like to wish you a Merry Christmas (or Happy Holiday, whichever you prefer) and give you this by way of a greeting card. I usually write a Christmas poem around this time of year and this is it, please feel free to share it with friends.

The Grinch’s Mother

A Sequel
The roast beast had been sliced the last toy was silenced
but that was not yet the end of the violence
Here is a tale that goes back up Mount Crumpit
To meet the she-fiend, the worst kind of strumpet
Though her son’s heart was two sizes too small
The Grinch’s mother, as you’ll see, had no heart at all
She lurked in the depths, in the deepest of caves
Plotting to make all the Who’s into slaves…

The other announcement I would like to make at this time is that, due to overwhelming demand, I am starting development on an offline version of Write or Die. It will include some new features, some fiendish, some helpful, but watch this blog for updates.

Thanks again to everyone for all your support.

Write or Die: New Features

I promise that sometime soon I’ll post something that’s not blatant self-aggrandizement, really.
I’ve been gradually upgrading Write or Die based on a lot of great feedback from users.
New Features

  • Victory Sound: When you have reached either your word goal or your time limit, a majestic victory song will be played. This now only plays once, thanks for letting me know all of you who were getting annoyed with too much victory.
  • Variable Grace Period: This has been requested since I put out the first version and I’m pretty sure I got it working seamlessly. There are now 3 modes that affect how long the delay is between the last word typed and the consequences. Forgiving gives you a little longer than normal, 13 seconds to red, 23 to consequences. Harsh is the normal mode, 7 seconds to red, 17 to consequences. Due to surprising demand, I’ve added Evil Mode, which give you 1 second till red and 10 till destruction.

 Enjoy, and let me know how you like the new features or if there are any problems.