Write or Die Desktop Edition Feature Requests [UPDATED]

I did an informal Twitter poll of what people would like to see in Write or Die Desktop Edition, here are the results, feel free to add your requests in the comments.

Things I’m Planning to Implement
A Mac version. (@callista, @kyrina)
Choose your own sound (@AlabasterFalcon, @belcasas)
Linux version (@Kyrina)
Save to disk (@unfocusedme)
Post to blog
Full-screen mode (@rjbman)
Tweet results

Cumulative words typed, “high scores” ( @joaovc)
Different warning animations/images (scary clowns perhaps)
Set your own time period. (Allie, Seliza)
Spaces don’t count, perhaps? I sometimes cheat by pressing the space bar (Allie) [Note: So do I]

Things I hadn’t thought of but are good ideas
Kamikaze mode eats more words, faster (@Caanz)
Boss/Panic Button (@saoki)
Append to existing file (@jedidiplomat)
Simulated blood pouring down the screen when you fail? (@Hoshiko_Malfoy)
Different warning colors (@lostcheerio, @tinahunter)
Change font size (@wielding)
Allow/disallow unlimited pauses (@lienne)

Daily Goal in addition to per session goal (Allie and Jo)
Graphic to visualize your progress (Allie)
Ability to change background color to something more soothing (AdventureAddict)

Things that are unlikely to happen (but thanks anyway)
Spellcheck (@rjbman)
I want to make a separate super-spellcheck program for writers but IMO this would be counterintuitive for Write or Die.

Kittens (@saoki)
You must supply your own kittens.

iPhone version (@unfocusedme)
If you can convince me that this would be useful and/or find me a good iPhone developer I will reconsider.

Save to .doc file
Word formatting is annoying and exists mainly for higher level editing, I’m planning on sticking with txt files for simplicity

This is just the beginning of the list, if there’s something missing that you’d like to see in the desktop version, feel free to tweet me or comment below.
Thanks a lot!

P.S. Does $10 sound like a good price to you?


  1. I purchased your application ‘write or die desktop ver’ yesterday. I completed all process for payment and received receipt but didn’t received e-mail contained download link. I sent you e-mail about this proble
    . Please check your e-mail. I hope heard your fast response as soon as possible.

  2. Hi, I am unable to open Write or Die for my desktop. Which application should I open it with? Or have I missed something obvious…



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