Bargain CD Day: Friday the 13th

I’ve decided that every Friday will be bargain CD day, in which I will highlight one of the CDs I’ve picked up in thrift stores and the bargain section of Half Price Books.
I will put up one or two signature tracks from these albums which will hopefully encourage you to rediscover a wrongfully forgotten album.

The inaugural CD is: The Frogs of Summer!
A little backstory first:
I like looking through the bargain bin for nature recordings, I have a collection of a fair number of different soundscapes from the Northwoods to Australia to recordings of both the Atlantic and Pacific ocean. I’ve always enjoyed field recording and I love getting the feel of nature. It’s lovely to relax to.

This is the reason why I picked up this CD in the first place, as if the cover art wasn’t enough of an enticement. Upon deeper examination though, I discovered that it was something altogether more fun.

This is a CD of popular songs re-recorded with frogs.

That is, Mr Bob Joyce went into the field and got recordings of various frogs, sampled them, and then used those samples for the melodies of these songs.
I’ve posted the three I like best, you can listen to the whole CD here, though it’s RealPlayer and the page uses more than one <blink> tag, *shudder*
MP3 Download here
MP3 Download here
MP3 Download here

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