Let’s just assume I’ve already written the obligatory, self-flagellating post about how I am a filthy, bad blogger. Let’s also assume I’ve gotten the necessary therapy to deal with my horrible blogging anxiety. Pretend that I posted and then deleted the entry that made you all kinds of promises to be better in the future. I’ll also spare you the excuses.

Deal? Deal.

Welcome to the new, updated Write or Die site ready for the second year of Write or Die Desktop Edition! Now migrated to WordPress for increased awesomeness. Everything should work exactly the same as it used to, with the execption that the WoD Online settings box is over there now →

I’ve got a couple of posts already scheduled and I’m hoping to keep up with regular blogging. I am aware that Word War is not currently working, I’ve had some server issues which I will do my best to resolve before November 1st so that you can use the feature during NaNo. I also intend to push out an update to the software itself to fix some compatibility issues. As always, let me know if you experience any issues via the feedback tab on the left.

Bear with me through the transition if you will and I hope we all have an excellent November!


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