Every year it seems I get a better web address. From the ridiculously cumbersome “http://lab.drwicked.com/writeordie.html” (what was I thinking !?) to the somewhat better writeordie.drwicked.com. At one point last year I even tried to get an Irish domain name so I could have WriteorD.ie, which would have been really confusing to explain to people.

But now, it’s as if I’ve come home, thanks to a gentleman named Brett.

Welcome to WriteorDie.com

The site is essentially the same but the address has changed, now that it’s easier to say, please tell your friends :) You may notice over on the right-hand navbar that there’s a new button. That’s part of my deal with Brett. He operates a CafePress store which just so happens to sell merchandise with “Write or Die” on it.

Just so we’re clear, the store is separate from the site and Brett is fully responsible for the store but I endorse what he’s doing.

So use the energy that you’re saving by not typing “.drwicked” and buy some gear. Thank you as always for coming to the site and let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see in this space.

There might be a few niggles to iron out as with any domain change, please let me know immediately: leave a comment below, get me on Twitter @drwicked or email doctorwicked@gmail.com


  1. Great! (:
    I knew something was different and more convenient 😀
    I’ll have to go advertise on twitter now~
    If only I had friends that actually liked writing LOL.

  2. Gahaha, the idea for the Irish server is quite brilliant. I’d say the new domain is much more convinient but this is my homepage anyway so it doesn’t make a difference at all – it’s a little prettier to look at though. 😉

  3. I had noticed the “Write or Die” meters on various blogs and decided to check it out. After getting familiar with the site, I decided to take a Write or Die writing challenge. Let me say, a mute could produce words faster than I can. Writing at a steady pace has never been one of my strong points. So, I went for a 1000 words in 60 minute challenge. I pressed paused one and was told that was the last time I could use that feature. I tested its truth. It wasn’t lying. I began to sweat. The screen turned pink and I thought I would vomit. My fingers started to fly across the keyboard in a way I never saw before. I typed as if Dr. Wicked would knock on my door and punch me in the face if I stopped.

    It worked! I wrote 1026 words in 54 minutes! That is amazing for me. I’m addicted! Thank you so much for the site and the great tools.

    -A faithful new fan

  4. I just wanted to tell you that this is very useful, and I’m sure that a lot of people are using it and not leaving comments! I want you to know that there’s definitely a use for this! It’s great! A miracle on the internet, and I’ll be showing my patronage by purchasing the desktop version as soon as possible!

  5. In an effort to help new, struggling and those who want to be better writers i have created a site which is designed to highlight quality writing! The best way to teach someone is by showing them how and making the experience fun!

    On My site I have a page dedicated to Writing Techniques, Websites and Programs to help writers of all stripes. I’ve found your site and will be please to add your programs to my list and also a backlink to your site. Thanks for caring enough to share! Regards Mike AKA the Professor

  6. Love the idea of the Irish domain name – how come it didn’t work out? I just found this site the other day and haven’t yet worked up the nerve to start using the tool – stories like KP Kelly’s just scare me. . .!

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