Dark Lullabies for Strange Children

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Contents of this issue:
Grimble Bug
by Rachel Anding
(Who also did the artwork, thank you!)

In The Garden
by Lisa Jonte

An Almost Awful Confession
by Lise Quintana

Wishes: Another Lullaby
by Lydia Ondrusek

by Stu Ffandt Hings

Seasonal Caprice
by J. L. Venson

Sleep My Darling
by Alia Thabit

by Jessica Larson

Night of the Blindfolded Moon

by Tess Anderson

In Talking With Your Teddy Bear
by Dr Wicked

Bumpers at the beginning and end of the show are
Entertainment for the Braindead.
Beautiful music, most of which is free. I highly recommend checking her out.

Thank you to everyone who submitted for the podcast! I’m not going to spend long here because I’ve been doing so well keeping this whole podcast resolution thing I don’t want to linger too long before posting it. If your story was not included in the podcast it wasn’t because it wasn’t good. At times I doubted my concept and fundamental belief that good fiction can happen quickly. Not one submission was anything less than good. I chose the ones I chose because they worked well together and worked well with the theme. Thanks once more to everyone for submitting. There is absolutely no restriction on people submitting again whether you’ve been “published” previously on the podcast or not. This is an amazing group of talented people and I can’t wait to read more!

So that’s it for this issue. now onto the next. The topic for the month of February is:

Attic Archaeology

I want to read stories about things found in attics. Long lost treasures and adventures. Hidden darkness. Magic or mischief or malevolence. Rummage around in the spiderwebs of your mind and bring me back a story. I will accept stories of any length. Poetry or prose though I think this topic is better suited to prose. Maximum of 2000 words. Because I was a day late in releasing this I will give you an extra day to submit stories. Due on February 21st.

Thanks everyone for listening and I hope you enjoy the podcast!

SUBMIT: podcast@drwicked.com


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