Podcast, New Email, Short Stories?

I found an accountability buddy and podcast co-host in my friend Dave Hilden.

He’s writing a graphic novel series with his cousin who works at Jim Henson Co. He’s a pinball afficianado and all around hilarious dudefella.
More of Dave’s antics can be found at his three blogs:
Words Making Sound
Crap That Dave Says
Crap That Dave Dreams

It’s our first time so bear with us if there are awkward silences that weren’t edited out.┬áIn this podcast we ramble about writing, graphic novels, childhood, and why we don’t always like the things liked by people we like. It makes more sense when I’ve had more sleep.

We hope you enjoy it.


I would like to do another short story podcast, I think that iteration died because the second suggestion wasn’t very useful. If there’s a topic you’d like to see, let me know in the comments.

In other news, I’m moving my email from Gmail to Google Apps so if I’ve missed an important email from you, please re-send it to drwicked@writeordie.com


  1. I think the difference between books that are read to be enjoyed (fun) and the books you ‘trudge’ through is the classic difference between literary fiction and popular fiction. The point of something doesn’t always have to be ‘fun.’ The idea of literary fiction has to do with big ideas. Reading such fiction is often a challenge and can get quite dull but at the end you’re usually a more well rounded person than you were at the beginning. I’ve read quite a few of those and I don’t do it because it makes me feel superior to know who John Galt or Rodian Raskolnikov are. I do it because it is almost like a test and because I believe it is good to read something which makes you think every once in a while. The difference between literary fiction and popular fiction is the same as the difference between filet mignon and McDonalds. One is to be digested and one is to be devoured. (But they both can taste good or bad depending on how they’re prepared.)


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