Podcast: The Fourth Wall, Storytelling in Videogames, Books and Extended editions

Wow, I’ve doubled my total podcast count and the hits just keep on coming. This is unprecedented.

This week we banter about Rango and the storytelling techniques within, discuss writing in videogames, I leak some vitriol regarding Avatar and James Cameron and we discuss books and special features. Hope you enjoy.


Links in this episode:
The Brainstormer by Andrew Bosley 


  1. Hey, idk if my emails aren’t getting through or what. I bought the Write or Die Desktop version but the download link wasn’t working anymore when I tried to reinstall it on my freshly formatted computer. Help?

  2. First time I’ve listened to a podcast. I was surprised at how thoughtful you two are.

    You guys are right on when you say writers are always trying to show how much they’ve researched. It’s so distracting!

    Also flashbacks are the devil, but damn are they tempting. I’m always tempted to put a flashback in somewhere but end up deleting it later.

  3. I’m really surprised by how thought out, yet funny this is. XD
    And I have had almost the exact conversation about the Simpsons. They never change!
    Will there be more of these podcasts?

  4. The Brainstormer link is incorrect. Here is a good one: http://andrewbosley.weebly.com/the-brainstormer.html

    Enjoyed–actually, I am enjoying your podcast as I type this. I agree with your assessment of Avatar. It’s a beautiful film, but Cameron had the same problem with “Titanic.” I could watch that film over and over again with the volume turned off because I thought it was beautiful to look at, but the plot was crap. Okay, sure I was sucked into a bit but the lines that the actors had to say–jeez!


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