Halloween, NaNo, Domo

Last night was a lovely night for Halloween, this is my costume:

Got as much candy as one is allowed to get when one is the chaperone. No Take5s this year, which is disappointing.
In other news, apparently people like Write or Die

That makes me deep happy.
Went to the NaNo Countdown meetup in darkest Maplewood (there are THREE (3) Denny’s in Maplewood, the one with the meeting was technically in Landfall, MN, pop 700, like a Venn diagram inside of Maplewood proper). It was fun, stayed till about 1 AM then jaw was hurting so bad that the words were no longer coming. It was good to see people though. I will most assuredly be attending more write-ins as the month plonks onward. Only have a mere 500 words so far. Time for more Write or Die.
Catch you all later!

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