Newsletter and Fame in 15 Minute Intervals

Due to popular demand I have added the option to set your Write or Die time goal to 15 minutes.

Good luck to everyone who is frantically finishing their NaNo novels! You can do it! Someday I’ll finish mine but I want to get the offline version off the ground first. Development is coming along, thanks all for your support.

I would also like to say how thankful I am for everyone who has written me and followed me and shared my site with their friends. This is the best I’ve ever felt about a project and I’m glad that I have helped some people with their creativity. In the month of November I had over 100,000 different people come to use Write or Die and I am grateful for each of them.

I have more projects in the pipeline, the largest of which will put your skills at writing good work, quickly to the test and I’d like to involve as many people as I can so please subscribe to my newly created e-mail newsletter for updates and writing tips. I will never spam you or sell your e-mail, not ever. What I will do is send you interesting links and writing advice in a weekly newsletter. Join in the conversation by entering your e-mail on the right side of this page or by clicking here.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped support Write or Die.

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