On rainy day music and the dying of cars

I was mentally composing a post about the nuances of selecting music for a rainy day when that same precipitation which I have been so enjoying caused my car to become inoperable.
For some reason, whenever my car gets Very Wet it stops working. Putt putt splutter putt croak kind of malfunction. This is not so fun. So I’m writing this on my AS2K waiting for one of my family members to come and pick me up so I can get to work.
My outlook is positive, at least I know what the problem is. I don’t think I’ll have to spend a ton of money to fix it, just wait for the engine block to dry off and try it again. I wonder if I can drape a towel over it…

This just in, got my car started and off the freeway. Huzzah! Don’t quite trust it to get all the way to work.

Rainy Day Music.
The only radio station I’ve ever heard change their programming according to the weather is my local classical station, MPR 99.5. They never fail to have lovely music in tune with particularly rainy days. I think it is ridiculous that the so-called disc jockeys of corporately owned radio stations don’t actually decide anything about the music, but that is a rant for quite another day.
Since I wasn’t in a classical mood I made my own rainy day playlist on my iPod.

Below are the reasons why I chose the music, you can listen to the whole thing via the wonder of muxtape!
Listen here then make your own and send it to me!

Sweet Lullaby – Deep Forest
Lovely world music lovingly mixed up.
Gymnopédies: Lent Et Douloureux – Eric Satie
Sweet and sad and beautiful
Inara’s Suite – Greg Edmonson (Firefly Soundtrack)
Just listen to it.
The Only Answer – Mike Doughty
This is a perfect wet streets after the rain song, I imagine driving hearing the remaining rain splash against the car in the dark while the stoplights reflect off the mirror of the road.
Axis of Ignorance – TJ Rehmi
This is yet another $1 album from Half Price Books. It’s called The Warm Chill, and it’s very good.
My Wife with Champagne Shoulders – Mark Isham
PS – Vangelis (From the album Voices)
Vangelis is always amazing mood music. Do yourself a favor and buy the soundtrack for 1492 Conquest of Paradise
Head Swirlin’ – Owltree
Found these guys through freealbums, which is awesome. They’re like a mellower Alpha Conspiracy
Hilli – Amiina
I have yet to find Icelandic music that I do not like, this is wonderful
Fingers – Yoko Kanno
From the Cowboy Bebop Movie Soundtrack

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