Write or Die: New Features

I promise that sometime soon I’ll post something that’s not blatant self-aggrandizement, really.
I’ve been gradually upgrading Write or Die based on a lot of great feedback from users.
New Features

  • Victory Sound: When you have reached either your word goal or your time limit, a majestic victory song will be played. This now only plays once, thanks for letting me know all of you who were getting annoyed with too much victory.
  • Variable Grace Period: This has been requested since I put out the first version and I’m pretty sure I got it working seamlessly. There are now 3 modes that affect how long the delay is between the last word typed and the consequences. Forgiving gives you a little longer than normal, 13 seconds to red, 23 to consequences. Harsh is the normal mode, 7 seconds to red, 17 to consequences. Due to surprising demand, I’ve added Evil Mode, which give you 1 second till red and 10 till destruction.

 Enjoy, and let me know how you like the new features or if there are any problems.


  1. Is there still a victory sound? I remember it from two years ago, but I haven’t been getting it this year. I’m using Firefox and Vista, if it makes a difference. I liked the victory sounds!


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