Google Scribe as Muse

As you may have surmised, I’m a big fan of devices that improve your creative process by strategically short-circuiting detrimental bits of your mind, in that spirit, I submit a challenge:

Use Google Scribe to write a story

Google Scribe is a tool that harnesses the power of Google’s autocomplete technology to guess either the next word you’re going to type or the rest of the word you’re currently typing. Some of it’s suggestions are complete bunk. I will type the next sentence using only what Scribe suggests. “There are no comments for this question was copied to your clipboard and paste it into your website.” Kindof like a VCR instruction manual. But the upside of this approach, potentially, is that if you simply can’t find the next word, Google will suggest what you should type.

Another unanticipated side effect is that I find myself typing faster just to keep the autocomplete window from coming up. I have it set to the default setting which will suggest as I type. The other options is “On Demand”, where it waits for you to press tab before it intrudes upon your thoughts with suggestions.

The challenge today is to use Google Scribe; in either mode, but I recommend trying the default mode; to write a story. You can either use this as a warm-up challenge for NaNoWriMo or you could try pasting a story in which you’ve come to an impasse into the Scribe window and see what it suggests. It might not give you the right words but it will give you options which might suggest a direction you might not have thought of on your own.

If you would care to submit your creations I will gladly read them and I might even do a podcast if there are good ones, though I make no promises. I’d also be happy to hear in the comments tales of where Google’s suggestions took you that you weren’t expecting. Most importantly, have fun, there are no consequences.


  1. I found it’ll do my writing for me – just type a word and then keep pressing Enter

    THAT the two are not the only
    WAS to
    A large extent on the nature of the
    GOOD things that are as unique as
    POST hoc test was used

    But I liked this line best:

    I find myself typing faster just to keep the autocomplete window from coming up

  2. Well, at least this makes sense (but then again, I picked the word from the several that always popped up. Was that what I was supposed to do?

    “The songs are catchy as hell and I want to say something about what they are.”

    Ok. Here is another sentence, with no choosing at all- just let it type the first word it thought of.

    “Bearing in mind that the above information is true and correct copy of the original print version of the Macromedia Flash Player to view this video right here by getting the latest version.”

  3. I have another question for yourself at the ground level of these two types of information that is not answered here please see our website.

    Okay… that mostly makes sense… just kept pressing tab and space :)


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