Dr Wicked Interview at Near Miscellany

Recently I was interview by Glyph a.k.a. Foxee for her blog Near Miscellany, here’s an excerpt:

Has the software come together quickly or has it been a long process of development?

I’m a bit like Sherlock Holmes without the opium when it comes to creative endeavors, I have periods of manic productivity which punctuate long stretches of inaction. The online version of Write or Die didn’t exist in September 2008 and was finished by October 25th, 2008. The same goes for the desktop edition, that came together in October 2009. It will likely be the same way for the iPad version I intend to write. Everything’s been finished just in time for NaNoWriMo. I need to be right up against a deadline to have any hope of finishing anything. I expect I’m not alone in this.

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  1. That was a brilliant interview – and took up at least 10 minutes of procrastinating time! Now I will go and write or, um, die…

    Looking forward to EditMinion. Thank you SO MUCH for the fabulous work you do. –Danielle

  2. Fabulous interview!

    Hey, maybe next time you’re procrastinating you could pull together a write or die iphone/ipad app!

    I’ve been using Write or Die for I think two years now and have played with the editminion like mad. Thanks so much for these incredible tools!

  3. Dear Dr Wicked,

    I am in love with Write or Die – it has changed my whole attitude to the deadly chore of sitting down to write. I’ve written about you on my blog at http://penclements.wordpress.com. Too new to get you many followers I’m afraid but I’m spreading the word offline too!

    Thank you so much – you really have helped me.

  4. I know this is OT and I apologize, but I was just wondering what the odds were for an iPhone app? I’ve been having trouble concentrating lately as far as writing goes and I’ve found that stepping away from the computer and using the Notes on my iPhone has helped tremendously. But it’s not very handy, when it comes down to it, and of course motivation is always in short supply as far as I’m concerned. It’s probably not something that’s doable, I have no idea how those things work. But I thought I’d ask, anyway!

    Either way, thanks so much for Write or Die, I know there are many stories I never would have completed without it!


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